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We’ve all heard that statistics.  Rising cardiovascular and heart disorders, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, 40 percent of the WORLD is overweight blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.  We know…yeah we know.

People are always throwing statistics and new studies about how we, as a human race, are generally unhealthy fat, sluggish, lazy people who will eventually have bodies that will make Jabba the Hut look like Kate Upton. That’s only part of the problem though.



The fact is, it’s extremely difficult not be fat these days.  The convenience, comfort, and affordability of fast food chains on every corner is crippling to most people.  It’s so easy to go pick up a meal after work for the family now that is cheap, tastes really good, and you don’t have to do a thing to get it, except pay for it.  It’s hard going grocery shopping, picking out healthy foods, calculating your calories every day, spending the time to prepare the foods.  It’s fun going out to restaurants.  It’s fun socializing with friends and family and paying people to prepare and serve your food and then clean up after you.  It’s comfortable sitting down with chips, cheese dip, ice cream (insert your favorite snack here) and sprawling out in front of the TV to watch a 19 hour marathon of the Walking Dead.

I’ve encountered some people in my time who are perfectly comfortable being fat.  They have seemingly high self-confidence, they aren’t worried about their health, they are perfectly fine having to shop in the big and tall section.  The cost of putting time and effort into becoming a more healthy person just doesn’t outweigh the benefit to them, and I’m perfectly fine with that.  It’s your life, do what you want.  Do what makes you happy.  But, for the rest of us, our bodies are just not to up to par where we want them to be.  I want to help make it easy for people to lose fat and get into great shape.  I want to give people the information that I used to lose 110 lbs and to reclaim my body and health.  I’m doing this by providing you with the knowledge of how fat loss works and the best strategies to implement to lose the most fat in the least amount of time, while keeping all of your precious fat-free muscle mass.


This is me several years ago, maybe not quite to Jabba status, but pretty close.  I was a few pizza and beers away from blowing the elastic out of my stretchy shorts.



This is me now.

Do I look like I could be cast as a double in the new Channing Tatum or Matthew McConaughey movie?  NO, of course not.  But what I have done is lose a ton of fat, built a solid foundation of muscle, boosted my self-confidence by about 1000 % and done a lot of other really cool stuff that I never could have at my former level of health.  I still have several pounds of fat to lose to get where I want to be and also a lot of muscle building as well.  But I wanted to share what I have accomplished so far.  What worked, what didn’t work and why.

“Judd did you lose all this fat by taking some great diet pill, or energy supplement that is guaranteed to curb my hunger and give me the energy of Jordan Belfort on crack!”  No.  “Judd how many carbs did you eat every day when losing all that fat?”  Uh…a lot.  “Judd you must have went Paleo and only eaten foods that my dog would turn her nose up to?”  Not that either.

The biggest problem of the health and fitness industry is that people LIE.  Why do people lie you ask?

People lie because they are dumb and don’t know any better.

People lie to make money and sell you a bunch of crap that you don’t need.

“I’m appalled Judd, people would lie to me to make money?”  Uh…yep.  I saw an ad a few days ago selling some stupid rubber band stretchy resistance piece of crap workout equipment.  The guy on TV actually said, “Science has recently discovered that the best and fastest way to tone your muscles is high reps with low intensity.” Lies, lies, lies, lies, LIES!!!!  But, I’ll get into that in another article.  My point, people will say whatever they think to be right, which is probably a lie someone told them, or they will say what will make them money.

“But Judd, how do we trust what you tell us?”  Because everything I know that works and doesn’t work I’m telling you for free.  Yes I do sell personalized services, but to be successful at transforming your body and your life, you don’t need them.  All you need is the knowledge of what works best and what doesn’t work to make your fat loss journey as pain-less and timely as possible.  That’s what I’m offering.

So, let’s dive in to it.  Download my FREE Ebook, The 5 Most Effective Rules for Fat Loss, to continue reading and get started on your weight loss journey today!!

Contact me at judd@genesishealthandfitness.com or visit the weight loss coaching page if you are interested in my customized weight loss program.








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