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I created this website to help people achieve the bodies that they’ve always wanted by using the most effective strategies for fat loss and muscle growth.  With all the fad diets and 6 pack abs in 6 week strategies that are out there, it’s a very confusing time for people who just want to know how to lose fat, how to build muscle and how to look their best.  That’s why I’m here.   I know what it’s like to be morbidly obese and confused about the best ways to lose fat and look great.  I’m a health and human performance major, practicing certified health education specialist, and certified personal trainer.  I’m using my education, research and personal experience to bring you the most efficient methods of losing fat and building muscle.

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Welcome to the Genesis Blog

Welcome to the Genesis Blog

We’ve all heard that statistics.  Rising cardiovascular and heart disorders, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, 40 percent of the WORLD is overweight...

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The first thing that comes to my mind when I hear the word protein are “Bro’s.” “Bro get your protein...


  Study, after study, after study on dieting, weight loss, and weight loss maintenance suggest that diets do not work...